President's Foreword
Don't worry … be "API"! Thanks to Hélène and to API


 My dear friends, colleagues and Amforhters,

On this foreword, I would like first to welcome our new General-Delegate: Hélène VERDET. Hélène is a senior professional, graduated in MBA in hospitality management (Ecole de Savignac) and former executive in an Online Travel Agency (Expedia) as well as director of a major Tourism Office near Paris. 

Her technical skills are at least as large as her human and social skills. I am sure you will esteem Hélène on your first contact with her… and please contact her, she is so willing to knowing you! 

You will get her introduction - here - Click on her profile in - English -, in - Spanish - or in - French -. 

Her duties are the global daily management of AMFORHT, liaising with all our members, partners, sponsors, friends, followers, and using all the API facilities and interactive options, in direct relation with me and with our three First-Vice-Presidents, Martine, Michel and Didier, and our Non-Executive-Chairman, Francesco. 

Hélène is also, and above all, in charge of the contributions of our members - she is active thanks to your membership fees, in order to be and act at your service! – so thank you to accept that I personally ask you to pay your dues, for 2015 - in the coming days, without waiting, thank you:). You can do it online now in just 2 clicks - just click here

Regarding our human organization, we have updated our - organisational chart - but we still have empty boxes or boxes to create - contact Hélène immediately if you want to participate in the management of our AMFORHT!

On second major item of this foreword, I am proud to confirm the opening of our new "Amforht Platform on Internet" = API! The new system Quentin HUARD showed us the sketch in Bologna. API is now fully operational: please dive in it! You will be amazed to discover all its services and opportunities, for you and for your organization. 

This international internet platform, including our new website services, has been designed to facilitate your search of business partners, get involved in projects, post comments, enhance and strengthen your network, be aware of the latest hospitality and tourist trends, networking with all members on a nice and easy way.  Try it today!

  • Create your Amforht Profile,
  • Explore all its functionalities, 
  • Post some news or job openings, 
  • Share burning information or some new projects...     

You will be surprised how efficient our API is!

I suggest you first - log in - to activate your API profile, or to benefit from a new membership, then, just click - here -

Please test it today – any trouble, contact Hélène or Martine respectively at helene.verdet@amforht.com and martine.ferry@amforht.com. Go ahead and spread the good news... that's the way this place has been designed for.

So … don't worry, and be "API"!
Please each of you receive all my friendship, and dedication to our AMFORHT.